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 Forum/Server Rules

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PostSubject: Forum/Server Rules   Forum/Server Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 1:47 pm

Server Rules.

1. No inslut a GM/Admin. Always respect the staff.

2. NEVER Beg a GM/Admin about anything! (items, spawns, points.. whatever).

3. Spam is not allowed and its up to GM/Admin to jail you or even ban you (depending on the type of spam).

4. You are NOT allowed to use any kind of bug(s)/exploit(s) that gives you some kind of advantage.
If you found any then you have to report at forum a.s.a.p., if you dont report it and you get caught using it then you can be jailed, banned or worse (not kidding).

5. Bots, scripts and/or any other kind of external programs that are considered as cheating programs are 100% FORBIDDEN and you will be IP banned along with all of your accounts, or even deleted.

6. Feeding is not allowed except for clan points and recs.
Feeding PvP/PK/Olympiad/TvT (etc..) is not allowed and its up to GM's/Admin's decision to jail you or not.

7. Advertising of lineage 2 server(s) or lineage 2 toplists is NOT allowed and you will be jailed/banned on sight (no warnings).

Forum Rules.

1. Do not inslut in forum topics/post/replies etc u will be banned without any notice.

2. Do not spam at any other section except Spam Area.If you spam in another section your post will be moved on spam area and marked as spam 1 time 3rd time u spam out of the correct section u will be banned without any notice.

3. Respect all Forum Users and not inslut the at public(send them a message).U will be banned for 12 hours.
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Forum/Server Rules
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